Tiger Bay Brawler Theme Song


Brawler for Life!

On Saturday we debuted our new Brawler anthem – Brawler for Life – kindly written for us by Phil Brookes and sung awesomely by his lovely wife Leanne. They joined us for the bout on Saturday to hear the song shared with the home crowd for the first time as our A team skated out to it ahead of their clash with Glasgow’s Irn Bruisers.

Here are Phil and Leanne representing in their Brawler colours with Billie Pistol, Pip, Boba Fettish, Bloxie Blackout and Ava Assassin.

We’re hugely grateful for the amount of time and effort the pair put into this for us and I think we proved just how much we loved it by singing along word for word at the after party!

Haven’t heard it yet? Head on over to Phil’s website to hear Brawler for Life and check out his other awesome work!