But Milk is Important Release

Finally! 3 Years, 21 international awards and 100+ festivals later, ‘But Milk Is Important’ (a short film I had so much fun doing all of the music for) has been released by two of my favourite people (and film’s creators) Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris on Vimeo and is already a “Vimeo Staff Pick” on the front page of the website! Check it out!


Three’s A Crowd: Athens Animfest

Rescently my music returned to Athens Animfest with Three’s A Crowd! Coincidentally the artwork for their website was created by Anna Mantzaris, who I’ve just finished working with on another awesome stop-time animation for a fantastic environmentally friendly American organisation. Excited to be sharing the results real soon!

Two Audience Awards and Lots of New Festivals!

Great News! 

(The following is taken from http://butmilkisimportant.blogspot.co.uk/)

But Milk is Important (with my music) won it’s 11th and 12th award this weekend!!  The first one was at Sweaty Eyeballs in Baltimore, US! The film tied with “Futon” for the Audience Choice Award!
The second was at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in UK where the film won People’s Choice Award! 

Thank you to both audiences!!!

The Film is also chosen for a couple of new festivals:

Sommets du cinéma d’animation, Montreal and Quebec City, Canada 21 Nov – 1 Dec

Animated Dreams, Tallin, Estonia 27 Nov – 1 Dec 

Animateka, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2 – 8 Dec

Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, UK 6 – 21 Nov

Expotoons, Buenos Aires, Argentina 13 – 15 Nov

International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima, Krakow, Poland 22 – 28 Dec

Kort, Sandnes, Norway 14 – 17 Nov

And it was also screened at Images en Vues, Montreal, and
Uppsala International Film Festival, Sweden

A few months back I was talking to a badass skater called ‘Kid Block’ and an amazing vocalist Leanne Jay Brookes about how awesome it would be to write and record a sports anthem.

It just so happens that Kid Block, the awesome skater, skates awesomely for the awesome roller derby team the Tiger Bay Brawlers of Cardiff, Wales. Awesome.

Roller Derby is a fast paced, exciting, full contact sport and before each game, teams often skate out to a theme that represents their attitude. Popular songs are usually rock driven and empowering such as ‘Eye of the Tiger’. However, in the many games I’d seen in person and online I hadn’t heard of a team that had their own song. That’s kind of how the conversation went with Kid Block and Leanne, who helped me see what an awesome opportunity composing a theme for the Tiger Bay Brawlers would be.

The Brawlers have a huge passion for their sport so I had to try my best to capture that and the nature of derby to the best of my abilities if this theme was going to fly. I used a program from the last bout I attended to get a few things straight in my head just so the lyrics would make sense. I then watched a bunch of inspirational speeches from classic films like ‘Any Given Sunday’ and ‘Rocky’, read up on tigers and talked to a couple of the Brawlers themselves. I then used that positive attitude and determination to construct a feasible song that I felt fans of the Brawlers could chant along to on game day.

However, at the same time, it was more important to inspire the team to carry on being as awesome as they already are AND record a blazing guitar solo, obviously. 

You can find out more about the Tiger Bay Brawlers here.

(Photo: Scott Cole Photography)

Brawler For Life

Earlier this week, I put the finishing touches to the But Milk Is Important soundtrack that is playing at the Volda Animation Festival this weekend!  I will be uploading more of the OST soon with some insight into capturing Anna and Eirik’s vision through music (check out my updated portfolio track below and the portfolio page for a slice of the OST)

For now, here’s one of the film’s characters in a Norwegian newspaper below (the little grey dude on the bottom right).