Book Interview

I’ve been interviewed for an awesome book about the film music I’ve done for independent animation! It was written by the incredibly talented and hardworking Ben Mitchell from Skwigly Online Animation Magazine. I get to talk about the soundtracks I’ve done for  But Milk is Important  and Three’s a Crowd.  You can order the book here:…/…/9781138855724

Three’s A Crowd: Athens Animfest

Rescently my music returned to Athens Animfest with Three’s A Crowd! Coincidentally the artwork for their website was created by Anna Mantzaris, who I’ve just finished working with on another awesome stop-time animation for a fantastic environmentally friendly American organisation. Excited to be sharing the results real soon!

Angel of Death at Cineworld Newport

Just finished the music to one of the awesome films I’ve been working on recently – a psychological thriller called Angel Of Death. It was fantastically shot at a location made famous by the BBC’s Sherlock and Dr Who and it’s a brilliantly executed piece of film I’ll get to see on the big screen when it plays June 4th at Cineworld in Newport.