Crossing Boarders: Amphi Produktion

Here’s some of the music I created for an amazing series of films animated by Anna Mantzaris and Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen with Amphi Produktion.  The videos were made in Sweden for the amazing organization Crossing Boarders, who work towards humanism, gender equality and anti racism in the workplace, schools and society in general.

It’s difficult to say you’ve been hard at work when you enjoy making music.  It’s not like I’m building the Sistine chapel or surgeorizing somebody’s frontal lobe.  I’m also not building characters from raw material and an outdoor set for an amazing stop time animated film like Eirik and Anna are for “But Milk Is Important”.

When I’m sat in my chair in front of keyboards and guitars, trying to get into the mindset of these awesome characters, Eirik and Anna are in Norway creating huge structures to animate a 3 second scene of film.  Then again it’s not to say that the music I’m making comes out in real-time live at the Apollo like James Brown.  I took about six hours to create about thirty seconds the other day – that’s the process of elimination I torture myself through to make sure my shit is half as good as the amazing film these guys are making.  From previous experience on “The Crow That Wore a Suit and Worked In An Office” I know I have to theoretically create another character myself, to add what I can to an already well thought out, laboured piece of art.  At the moment my tried and tested method of madness is to accompany the people and creatures with their own themes, that intertwine and morph into each other as a story unfolds.

Go and checkout what Anna and Eirik are upto on their own blog about But Milk Is Important.