Enough (Anna Mantzaris)

Released in 2018 this beautifully animated film has been selected for fifty festivals across the world (including Cannes), premiered online as a Staff Pick for Vimeo and has already won fifteen awards so far.  It’s based around impulses we all can feel but never act upon, exploring what would happen if our buried instincts come back to claim their place.  Glimpses of emotional anarchy and moments of lost self-control. For this film, Anna needed something to juxtapose the emotional anarchy, so I composed a piano piece that served as bedding beneath the melody written to be sung by an ethereal angelic voice. 

BUT MILK IS IMPORTANT (Anna Mantzaris & Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen)

This wonderful short film has been screened at 100+ festivals, has won over 20 international awards world wide and was a Vimeo Staff Pick.  It’s based upon a man with social anxiety being followed by a naive clumsy creature that is trying to force him into beneficial social situations.  Using the piano as the focal point of the film’s score, I surrounded it with elements of backmasking and moments of surreal synthetic suspense to capture the anxious realm our main protagonist finds himself in. 


After the continued success of Enough, Anna Mantzaris’ next short having just had it’s international premier at the BFI Festival is here.  A young woman is responsible for a hit and run when strange and spooky things start to happen… This is a small thriller about people that are not always the best at making decisions.  I drew inspiration from classic horror and sci-fi films to create a score fused with electronic and acoustic instrumentation.

Sunscapades (Ben Mitchell)

Happy-go-lucky triplets Lily, Milly and Billy are looking forward to a day at the beach, but their grumpy ol’ dad won’t let them have any fun. Time to make some mischief! From the director of Skwigly Online Animation Magazine & author of Independent Animation, Ben Mitchell.

Matter (Jöns Mellgren and Anna Mantzaris)

This animation was created to coincide with “Killing the Colorado,” a collaboration between ProPublica and Matter, a new publication on Medium. For this project, I created all sound and music elements as well as editing the the narration.  

THREE'S A CROWD (Trevor Hardy)

An award winning drama based around a single man living next-door to an abusive relationship and his decicions on how to intervene. This was a great projct to work on – after seeing my previous work, Trevor entrusted me to place music where I saw fit, building suspense filled motifs and mixing them with elements of horror. At this point in my journey I could stretch the music a little further and experiment in ways I hadn’t previously, thanks to Trev.

THE SUN BINGO (Trevor Hardy)

Trevor was approached by The Sun to animate adverts promoting an online bingo game.  Here I had the oppotunity to create music based around a more pop-folk feel using acoustic guitars, percussion, piano and vocals.

CROSSING BORDERS (Anna Mantzaris & Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen)

This is a campaign working towards gender equality and anti discrimination in the workplace, schools and organisations. This group of short films discuss the eight steps of the Equality Effect, and are being used for educational purposes.  For these films, I had the opportunity to use a variety of different instruments and approaches.

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