I’m a MASSIVE New Orleans enthusiast. In fact, if I could move there tomorrow, I would be gone. We had been travelling around certain parts of the south for a little while and couldn’t help but feel restricted in some way. When we went back to New Orleans it was nice to be in a bar and to hear people say ‘fuck’ out loud and not give a shit. There is nothing better than being surrounded by people who feel free to be themselves.

The above image is a piece of artwork we picked up from Voodoo Skulls of New Orleans who sell Monday – Friday in the French Market. We were on our honeymoon so it seemed fitting to buy a piece that, to us, resembled a married couple. That is the great thing about marriage as well, because after the wedding (the party) comes the best part, spending forever with each other (the after par-tay.)

Check out some of their stuff here: Voodoo Skulls of New Orleans and Facebook

The feathered mask was another little something we picked up for cheap at the market. I would of loved to have bought a really expensive, hand crafted mask that they have in such places as The Mask Gallery but alas, we were living on Dr. Pepper and pork rinds by this point.


Elbow drop from the top. Phil and Jordan.

This picture’s on my fridge.

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