I’m a self taught multi-instrumentalist with a BSc in Music Technology. 

I fell in love with the process of writing music for animation in university, and had the opportunity to work with Eirik Grømno Bjørnsen which lead to But Milk is Important, with Anna Mantzaris. This animation has won over twenty awards internationally and I’m proud to of been a part of its success.

As well as short animation films, I’ve also worked on some commercial advertising and humanitarian and environmental campaigns. (For more information, please visit this page.)

Piano plays an important role in my compositions, and it’s an instrument I feel can fit all emotions and atmospheres. I enjoy fusing traditional instruments, such as strings, with contemporary electronic and synthetic elements to enhance the scene. 

I don’t limit my capabilities, or style and I’m always open for a challenge. 

I’ve got some exciting projects coming up and I’m always seeking out new possibilities.

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